Work  with me

Your grounded and no-nonsense business coach

Your business is supposed to be your gateway to freedom.
Your business helps you in achieving your Dream Life, full of Joy and Freedom.

Working with me gives clarity, boundaries and real results.
All resulting in a free lifestyle, a business that sparks joy and the reality of a 4-month work-year.

According to the Clifton Strengths Finder my top 5 is:

1. Maximizer (focus on something strong to become superb)
2. Significance (make a big impact)
3. Futuristic (energize other with visions of the future)
4. Self Assurance (inner compass that gives certainty)
5. Activator (doing in stead of talking & overthinking)

To help you the best way possible I focus on your strengths, I teach you to think big and show you what is possible. You will discover your inner compass and I will hold you accountable for the things you say or promise to do. Like that? Then book a strategy call for free and explore your opportunity to work with me. 

VIP-coaching 1-on-1

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to change? If you are like most people you keep on finding new levels in your business. We cannot stay in our cocoon, not unless you are a caterpillar. We need to confront ourselves with our frustrations, limitations and wishes.

What if I could guide you with grounded advice and support? Join my 3 or 6-month VIP coaching package. Where most business coaches focus on skills I do it completely different. Identity coaching is the magic word. 

8-Week group coaching program

You want more clients. You want to understand your clients and yourself in the selling process. Discover the unique money patterns that we have and feel totally confident in your next sales call. 


Imagine working a whole day with me? Asking me anything you want. Results after a VIP day are amazing and have a long lasting impact. Becoming a FreedomEntrepreneur takes time, I show you the shortcuts.