“Do you lack FREEDOM?”

I get you …

  • You work too hard
  • You have to say ‘no’ to new clients
  • You block your own growth
  • You have no idea which business model to chose
  • You want to travel more
  • Your partner doesn’t get you
  • You seem to think that success and freedom is not for you

We all start a business to create a better life

We want to spend time with our loved ones. We want to really dig in to our hobby. We want to travel. We want more freedom.

No depressing bosses.
No nagging colleagues.
No fixed holiday-terms.

We dream about working on our own terms. Wake up when we want. Hire the people we think are the best. We want to travel the world, meet inspiring people. We want to spend time with our children, our family, our loved ones. We want to wander in the woods, sail the seven seas, we want to drink a cocktail in Las Vegas or on a Caribbean beach!

A VIP-day with Jeanet?

  • To finally decide your best business model
  • To discover your personal framework
  • To emphasize your talents
  • To know how to bring in the cash with your unique skills
  • To get no-nonsense and grounded guidance
  • To finally become a Freedom Entrepreneur

"Only one sentence ..."


“If you don’t enjoy doing it, don’t do it.

This sentence will help me so much putting my new services together! Your great business model framework makes it even easier to structure my business.

Thanks a lot!”

Ingrid Angehrn – Dewulf | Academy of Style (Switzerland)

"Radical change in my business".


“If you asked me why I came to the training in Zürich of Jeanet Bathoorn, I will answer. The rooted energy of Jeanet attracted me. Whatever she could be talking about, I would be there, any way!

What I got from today: I could see myself from another perspective. You just helped me to realize that I have to do a radical change in my business. THANK YOU! I love your grounded energy. The energy that you emanate of “I AM FREE’ and being and live with freedom is one of my motors now!”

Tania Blanco | Director Lotus Idea

Work with a VIP-day EXPERT

During the last years I have guided dozens of entrepreneurs in their own personal VIP-days.

In your own VIP-day you can solve that one nagging problem that keeps you awake during the night. You will leave the room with a personal growth plan in which your personal traits are combined with a proven business model so that you can create your freedom business.

Next to focussing on revenue I always focus on freedom. Freedom is my core value. It has taken me years of personal development to discover my right business model and my personal talents. I’ve always felt the odd one out. The women who would not settle for the conventional structures.

Dreams & Crazy Goals

  • Do you love to think big?
  • Are you an out-of-the-box person?
  • Do you dream of more travels?
  • Do you want to be surrounded by like-minded people?
  • Do you want more money coming in?
  • Do you want to live without blocks?
  • Do you cherish freedom as one of your core values?

What is the set up of a VIP-day?

Step 1

 A personal intake-call after you made the booking.

Step 2

 Jeanet Bathoorn will go through your personal and business social media profiles as well as your website.

Step 3

 Together we decide upon the most urgent problem for you and for your business. This is the focus of the upcoming VIP-day.

Step 4

 The actual VIP-day, either virtual or IRL.

Step 5

 You implementing the things you learned in the VIP-day.

Step 6

 One emergency call when needed, to be booked within 4 weeks after the VIP-day. No one is left behind.

"A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free".

  “The Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise of Jeanet Bathoorn is exactly what is says: Freedom, Cruising and Entrepreneurship. A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free.” Lou Niestadt | Wild and Free Society

"It was magical".

  “I loved the Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise!  After this trip, I had new friends, new insights and so many beautiful memories. It was unforgettable … it was MAGICAL!” Kiki van der Harst | Ki-ki Resilience

"Combination of Work & Travel stole my Heart."

  “During the cruise and with the coaching of Jeanet Bathoorn, I really learned to think big and not working in your business but on your business. The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise is amazing!” Esther Vree | Your Social Eye


For who is this VIP-day perfect?
For the ambitious entrepreneur who wants immediate results. You do not want to work in a group. You just need a caring kick in the butt. And some clever insights.
What is the investment for a vip-day?

The investment for a VIP-day with me is € 3.000, ex VAT.
50% to be paid when you book. The other 50% to be paid before we meet.

What is the location of a vip-day?

I expect you to fly in to Amsterdam or Düsseldorf and we will meet in a beautiful and quiet spot somewhere near the airport. When I travel abroad, a VIP-day can be added to my program if the schedule allows that. When travel is not possible for you we organize a virtual VIP-day.

Why a VIP-day?
So that you can move on. No waiting for other (slower) entrepreneurs. Just you and me and your nagging problem to be solved.
What are the common angles for a VIP-day?
The most common problems to solve during a VIP-day are:
– finding your perfect business model
– solving existing money blocks
– discovering your unique framework.
Who is your ideal client?

Some words: ambitious, open-minded, progressive, liberal, a learner and a do-er, action-oriented, focussed, civilized, fierce and funny.



“Jeanet is such a strong individual and a powerful person. That is the reason I chose to work with her. She is so uncomplicated in her views and methods and helps you to keep things simple and direct.”

Hildur M. Jónsdottir | Heilsubankinn Iceland

"I feel pumped and very clear".


“Thank you very much for today”s Money Mindset Workshop in Zürich. I entered the day with self-doubt and insecurity about me being self-employed as a leadership coach. After working with you I feel pumped and very clear that I can do it with success. My mind shifted! Thanks for your input and expert tips, it helped me a lot. You connected my head with my heart”

Simone Koehler | Leadership Coach

"Flying Horse ..."


“You have submitted the energy of a flying hores … Thanks! This was a great lesson in learning to fly to what ever place feels the right place, right money, right clients and the right self!”

Gudrun Otten | Holistic Life Story Mentoring

Book your VIP-day and get going!