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You might know that I am a certified Sacred Money Archetype™️ Coach. And I love working with the archetypes. Not because I want to push you into a certain corner, but because I want to give you an insight in how you deal with money and therefore, how you deal with customers and clients.

Discover your personal Money Archetype and improve your sales

At this moment I am creating a brand new online training about discovering your personal Money Archetype and how you perform in sales. I called this training ‘The Land of Milk & Money’, I thought it was a funny name, but I have to keep on explaining that name. You know, milk & honey …, paradise …

You can join from Q4 2019. I create this new training because I joined #sombasummerschool, a special project within SOMBA. In the summer of 2019 a stunning 260 entrepreneurs will create a brand new and very often their first online course. This kind of energy is magic and contagious.

Anyway, I decided to send the 8 Money Archetypes on The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise. It took me some convincing and guidance, but they made it on board. All 8 of them. How? Read on.

The 8 Money Archetypes on an entrepreneurial CRUISE

In November 2019 I will be going on a trans-Atlantic Cruise with a lot of other entrepreneurs. Wiehaaa! And you know what, a lot of people say ‘no’ to this amazing business trip, fully tax deductible journey into the Caribbean. Let’s figure out why you want to say ‘yes’ by addressing your money archetype.

  1. Nurturer – Why did the Nurturer say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    OK, admitted. It was a bit of a struggle to get the money together. You know, as a Nurturer you love to take care of other people. It is easy to lose money on that. After some tough self-coaching and self-love you decided to join this cruise. Why? Because taking care of yourself and your business has become the #1 priority. You regard your business as your new BFF and you want to give it the best. That’s why you happily booked the cruise and pay for it in installments.
  2. Romantic – Why did the Romantic say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    Because they deserve it. The Romantic is a hard working professional, had some losses and suffers in live and has decided to live life to the fullest. No doubts about it. They earn money to spend it. And spending it on an entrepreneurial cruise is a huge win-win. They can work on their business and relax at the same time. Time to go for some well-deserved cruise-shopping.
  3. Connector – Why did the Connector say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    There will be amazing people on board. Inspiring entrepreneurs to learn from and to talk to. And as a Connector you are all about building great relationships. You love to enter a new tribe of traveling and ambitious entrepreneurs. And, oh glory, you can talk to amazing people all day long. After the cruise they will have new best business friends for life.
  4. Maverick – Why did the Maverick say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    The Maverick does everything different. Also building a business. This is probably not the first amazing business trip they have booked. You as a Maverick love to take risks, to do things that others don’t do. And you know what, it normally turns out perfect. You are fully convinced that this cruise might bring you the right network and the right knowledge to take the next step.
  5. Ruler – Why did the Ruler say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    The Ruler only wants one thing: building an empire in which everyone thrives. If this can be done on a cruise ship, so be it. No kidding, you know, as a Ruler, that you have worked too hard the last year. You worked your b*tt off. And someone said to you that you are allowed to take some time. Your business easily allows you to travel. So, why not? Great people, enough time to work, relax a bit, create a new online training, write a book and the Ruler is in.
  6. Celebrity – Why did the Celebrity say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    Honey, the Celebrity was born on a cruise ship, with a fancy dress, a flashy cocktail and a photo shoot in the Caribbean. No kidding, it did take some time before the Celebrity could pay for the cruise, there are always so many things to spend your money on. But hey, here we come. The Celebrity is all about fun, the parties and getting to know the right tribe in the group.
  7. Alchemist – Why did the Alchemist say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    Well, that’s easy. Because she/he can. You, as an Alchemist you might reconsider doing a cruise, does a journey like that add to your values and life? The Alchemist wants to create a better world for everyone. Joining a cruise, hmmmm, that’s tricky. But wait … The Alchemist wants to see the beauty of the ocean and the vastness of it with her/his own eyes. Let’s do this!
  8. Accumulator – Why did the Accumulator say ‘yes’ to the cruise? Tell us. 
    The Accumulator does not want to part from money. Spending money is actually painful. I mean, come on, it really hurts. However … as the Accumulator grows older and sees other people enjoying life, La Dolce Vita, they want to join along. So, booking a business cruise that is fully tax-deductible and you can say to your entrepreneurial friends that you are going to learn something on that ship, it all of a sudden is a wise investment. Especially when it means paying less taxes.

Was this fun, or what?

In the list below you can find all the links that you need to grow your own money mindset and business. Do the money archetype assessment, it’s free and very insightful.

List of needed links

Discover your Money Archetypes – Free Assessment – 0€

Online training ‘The Land of Milk & Money – Discover your Money Archetypes and Upgrade your Sales – €€

Join the SOMBA waiting list – Build an online Business with me and Sigrun – €€€

Book the Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise – Mastermind across the Atlantic Ocean – €€€€

Anyway, I’m signing off now. Have to pack my stuff for a beautiful Bali & more islands journey. Facing 16-hour flying from Amsterdam to Denpasar, with a stopover in Jakarta.

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