online Money Mindset training:
“The Land of milk & money”

‘The Land of Milk & Money’ is the only training connecting your Money Archetypes to your sales results and allows you to sell in your own fitting way.
Participants scored this program a 9 out of 10!

You may already be aware of the fact that we all have a money mindset?

I don’t have to tell you that growing your business requires performing sales- or strategy calls. i know You try hard but a potential client says ‘No’ and you feel:

You blame it on yourself. What did I do wrong, is your main thought.
Like a failure
You have been a professional for a few years, but somehow the rocket does not ignite.
Another ‘no’. What do I have to change before I get a ‘Yes’.
Like giving up
This whole successful-business-owner thing is just not for me.
At what moment in the call did the customer shy away. Is it my timing?
You gave too much help and information, maybe a complete coaching session.

92,3% has never thought about
their own money blueprint, nor of their customers

Source: Freedom Entrepreneur survey conducted in June 2019

That’s why you need this unique
5-module self study Online Program

You probably already know that successful business owners love to sell.

Step by step instructions on how to improve your sales by knowing your unique Money Archetype™ and that of your potential customer.

In this brand new and unique group program you will discover your own relationship with money so that you will perform your strategy- or sales calls full of confidence.

You will learn how to figure out what your ideal client needs from you and how you can address the objections your client has when it comes to saying ‘YES’ to your service.

You will learn to recognize your money pattern so that you perform better and let your business grow.

Who is this for?

This training is ideal for online entrepreneurs who know that they are excellent in what they know and do, but have a hard time selling this to the other. They want to move from being wobbly and nervous to being attentive and self-assured.

I work with people who take their responsibility, are diligent and really want to learn and participate. My clients are used to taking action.


This SELF STUDY program starts whenever you are ready to transform your sales skills.

What You Will Learn…

1. Introduction to your Sacred Money Archetype™

First you fill out your personal Money Archetype assessment. I will provide you with the right questions and how to score your answers. In this first module you will get to know the 8 Archetypes.

2. How to use Money Archetypes™ in Sales

Knowing your Money Archetype means knowing your own money pattern. The more experienced you are, the sooner you will start to recognize money patterns in your potential clients.

3. Ideal Structure of a Strategy Call

In this module I will teach the structure of a strategy call, or sales call. With the practical guide you can finish sales calls within 30 minutes. Your clients know if they are a good fit for you and your business.

4. How to deal with objections

What happens with you when a potential clients says no to your services? I will teach the right coaching questions. And using your knowledge about the Money Archetypes brings you to a ‘Yes’.

5. Discover your Power Words

It is so important that you grow and blossom. In module 5 you will discover your new Power Words. Embrace them, use them, print them out and put them on your wall. You are here to shine!

Money is the most complicated topic for entrepreneurs. What happens when growth in revenue stops? Jeanet gave 50 fantastic tips in her authentic way: clear, lovingly, resolute.

Caro Ritsma – Reader of book with 50 Money Mindset Breakthrough Tips

“Sign in if you want to understand more of your clients and yourself during the whole selling process and specially if you have no idea how to handle the strategy call.” Julie Rawding (Czech living in London)

Interior Designer

“If you want grounded and practical advice on how to SELL so your dreams come true and last a long time! Go to Jeanet. She is calm, grounded, organized. She walks her talk! Mirjam van der Zee (Netherlands)

The Moon Lady

Previous participants scored
this program a 9 out of 10!

I know you want to feel:

A strategy call is meant for clarity for both sides. You decide if you want to work with this customer.
Doing great strategy calls means more customers and more money coming in.
You had a good call, were in connection with the client. Both of you have a positive attitude and feeling.
Sensing that selling is serving and that growing your business is fun. You are looking forward to the next levels.
You know what you have to offer. You can talk freely about your offer and the price.
Your ideal life is coming into sight. Less hours, more money and more time for the things you want to do.
Jeanet Bathoorn
  • Certified Sacred Money Archetype™ Coach
  • NLP Master Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Author of 7 books
  • A.k.a. The Cruising Business Coach (before COVID-19 hit the planet)

What real people have to say about it:

“You will understand your own money behavior much better by learning about your own money types. It will help you with your sales by understanding and using the knowledge about your potential client’s archetypes. You will also learn how to lead a successful discovery call and deal with the most common objections by using your knowledge about the money archetypes. I love to recommend this course of Jeanet. Beate Schulz (Germany)

Life Coach

“I find it very relevant to mix the Money Archetypes with the process to sell, because it’s good to know ourselves, where we are good at or our weaknesses, but it’s so much better to be able to recognize the client’s archetype so we can give the good argument, the one to which the client will be sensitive. Selling is not just mastering some technics, it’s also a mindset that helps you overcome the doubts you may have, and starting a sales conversation knowing you have the right mindset + the right technics gives you the confidence you need to communicate to your client to convert. Edith Manent (France)

Business Coach

“You should really do this course. It is well structured, easy to follow and to complete and finish, has lots of value and is very practical. It gives good insights in your mindset patterns regarding money, how to work with them and how to use them in your sales. It contains a very clear step-to-step explanation of the structure of a sales call (Jeanet takes you by the hand and does not allow you getting lost or overwhelmed). after finishing it will be crystal clear to you what you have to change to improve your sales process and more off you cannot wait to implement it and waiting for the results!” Ellen Stokmans (Netherlands)

Market Researcher

“Thanks to Jeanet you will discover your own core values about money, making and spending money and life. You also will learn how to notice the same in the person you are talking to, wether it is your friend or client, which make you able to choose the right words and questions to both – help or sell. Very useful information indeed.Special part is the lesson about preparing the strategy call, doing it with confidence and which important steps to take after the call. Very good too. Implementing this in your own life and business could really help you whatever you do. Thank you Jeanet for all you shared with us with confidence. Snježana Sredojevic (Serbia)

Money Coach

“If you struggle with getting the clients who will pay you and you dread the sales calls, you have to join this amazing course. You will learn about the Money Archetypes that will change your money mindset, business, income and help you to do the sales calls with ease and enjoy them. You will know how to answer your clients trickiest objections. You will become the master of the sales calls'” Leila George (USA)


“When I signed up I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I wanted to learn more about sales. The course has been really helpful and practical so I can start using the information right away.” Sif Traustadóttir (Iceland)

Sif the Vet

The best thing about the course were the videos in which Jeanet explained every detail about the money archetypes. In this way I not only learned more about myself, but also learned how to recognize the money archetype from my potential clients. This helped me a lot with getting to know the objections and desires of my potential client, communicate on a deeper level and making my offer more appealing.

Anne Neijnens - The Netherlands

Workation Expert

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