“What is more important? A million dollars or a good life?”

I admit, there are so many business coaches out there…

  • They all promise you the same: work less and earn more
  • They all run a retreat or mastermind group
  • They all want to upscale their groups

But I bet none of them takes you on a transformational journey that is fun, confronting and liberating at the same time. 

I do!

Transformation is not a heavy duty task. Transformation is not even a goal. Transformation is necessary for your bigger goal: a happy and fulfilling life and business. 

We all start a business to create a better life

We want to spend time with our loved ones.
We want to really dig in to our hobby.
We want to travel.
We want more freedom.

No depressing bosses.
No nagging colleagues.
No fixed holiday-terms.

We dream about working on our own terms. Wake up when we want. Hire the people we think are the best. We want to travel the world, meet inspiring people. We want to spend time with our children, our family, our loved ones. We want to wander in the woods, sail the seven seas, we want to drink a cocktail in Las Vegas or on a Caribbean beach!

Mastermind group, Retreats & Identity Shifts

You have graduated from other business coaching programs. You felt massive changes within you. You have seen all possibilities.

You are ignited and ready to get your business running. You want to implement and are eager for more personal growth.

You start to realize that everything is mindset. You need a supportive and intimate group and a business coach who walks her talk.


"Multiple six-figure business".

I started in a Mastermind group with Jeanet Bathoorn when I wanted to start my new online business. Thanks to this Mastermind my business got a kick start. After my first launch of my new online training I already made my investment back.

Jeanet shares super valuable knowledge about online entrepreneurship, email marketing and hosting profitable webinars. Added to that I shifted my money mindset thanks to Jeanet.

Now I run a multiple six figure business.

– Marlou Volkerink
Instabranding Specialist

"Only one sentence ..."


“If you don’t enjoy doing it, don’t do it.

This sentence will help me so much putting my new services together! Your great business model framework makes it even easier to structure my business.

Thanks a lot!”

Ingrid Angehrn – Dewulf | Academy of Style (Switzerland)

"Radical change in my business".


“If you asked me why I came to the training in Zürich of Jeanet Bathoorn, I will answer. The rooted energy of Jeanet attracted me. Whatever she could be talking about, I would be there, any way!

What I got from today: I could see myself from another perspective. You just helped me to realize that I have to do a radical change in my business. THANK YOU! I love your grounded energy. The energy that you emanate of “I AM FREE’ and being and live with freedom is one of my motors now!”

Tania Blanco | Director Lotus Idea


During the last years I have guided dozens of entrepreneurs in their own personal growth in my Mastermind-groups.

In your own ‘VIP coaching experience’ you can experience personal growth, tackle your one nagging problem that keeps you awake during the night. You will start to work on your personal growth plan in which your personal traits are combined with a proven business model so that you can create your freedom business.

Next to focussing on revenue I always focus on freedom. Freedom is my core value. It has taken me years of personal development to discover my right business model and my personal talents. I’ve always felt the odd one out. The women who would not settle for the conventional structures.

If you are like me, let’s meet!

Dreams & Crazy Goals

  • Do you love to think big?
  • Are you an out-of-the-box person?
  • Do you dream of more travels?
  • Do you want to be surrounded by like-minded people?
  • Do you want more money coming in?
  • Do you want to live without blocks?
  • Do you cherish freedom as one of your core values?
  • Are you modern, a progressive thinker?

What is the set up of the VIP coaching Experience?

Step 1

 A personal intake-call to see if we are a match.

Step 2

 Jeanet Bathoorn will go through your personal and business social media profiles as well as your website.

Step 3

 Together we decide upon the most urgent problem for you and for your business. This is the focus of your upcoming coaching period.

Step 4

 Dive into the VIP coaching experience, stay accountable and make progress like never before.

Step 5

 You implementing the things you learn during the year.

Step 6

 You looking forward to your next big steps.

Set up of your mastermind year

The Mastermind Year is built out of 10 steps.
The 10 steps of ‘How to Become a Freedom Entrepreneur’.
A proven framework, created by Jeanet Bathoorn.


Business Model
Is your business model aligned with you, your business, your money archetype and your strengths?


Embrace your Marketing
We are going to work on your messaging, your words, who you attract. You will learn persuasion strategies.


Systemize your Business
Spend time on your economically valuable skills and never waste time on tasks that can be automated. An overview of tools and techniques.


Know your Self
Working from your strengths and your zone of genius will give you the best and sustainable results. Your business is based upon you.


Money Mindset
Break through your own inner money ceiling. As a certified Sacred Money Archetype™️ I can uplevel your money beliefs and decisions.


Build Strong Relationships
Surround yourself with people that lift you up, encourage you, believe in you, challenge you. That is why Masterminds are so impactful.


How to 10X your Business
Everything is 100% possible, 100% of the time. Well, winning the Olympics might not be an option, but everything else is possible. Open up to possibilities.


Use your Business as a Vehicle
Go to your deepest wishes and dreams. Discover what your business can do to make them come true.


Set Clear Boundaries
Experience the Power of No. Check your Self-Integrity and Commitment. No one can keep you for pursuing your dreams.


Say YES to Opportunities
Face your fears, stay grounded, transform your thoughts and see what is there for you.
We will use one month per step. With live coaching calls and exercises. The other 2 months are there to implement and reflect.

"A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free".

  “The Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise of Jeanet Bathoorn is exactly what is says: Freedom, Cruising and Entrepreneurship. A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free.” Lou Niestadt | Wild and Free Society

"It was magical".

  “I loved the Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise!  After this trip, I had new friends, new insights and so many beautiful memories. It was unforgettable … it was MAGICAL!” Kiki van der Harst | Ki-ki Resilience

"Combination of Work & Travel stole my Heart."

  “During the cruise and with the coaching of Jeanet Bathoorn, I really learned to think big and not working in your business but on your business. The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise is amazing!” Esther Vree | Your Social Eye


For who is this VIP Coaching Experience perfect?

For the ambitious entrepreneur who wants immediate results. You want to work on your business and your results. You need a caring kick in the butt. And some clever insights. You also love to share your knowledge. You are hard working, dedicated and take 100% responsibility for your work and business. You are already an expert in what you do and know. 

What is the investment for the VIP Coaching Experience?

The investment for VIP coaching is € 1.000 per month.

What is the location of THE VIP day?

I expect you to fly in to Amsterdam or Düsseldorf and we will meet in a beautiful and quiet spot somewhere in the Netherlands. If a personal meetup is not possible or not allowed, we will have a virtual VIP day. 

Why do you recommend 12 months?
Because we all know that change takes time. No business is built in 3 days. Not mine, not yours. My focus on your growth mindset and dedication will move you forward.
Who is your ideal client?

Some words: ambitious, open-minded, progressive, liberal, a learner and a do-er, action-oriented, focussed, civilized, fierce and funny.

Some job titles: authors, speakers, consultants, interim managers, coaches, teachers, online entrepreneurs. 



“Jeanet is such a strong individual and a powerful person. That is the reason I chose to work with her. She is so uncomplicated in her views and methods and helps you to keep things simple and direct.”

Hildur M. Jónsdottir | Heilsubankinn Iceland

"I feel pumped and very clear".


“Thank you very much for today”s Money Mindset Workshop in Zürich. I entered the day with self-doubt and insecurity about me being self-employed as a leadership coach. After working with you I feel pumped and very clear that I can do it with success. My mind shifted! Thanks for your input and expert tips, it helped me a lot. You connected my head with my heart”

Simone Koehler | Leadership Coach

I work 3 days per week and I doubled my revenue

My son was born in 2017 and my intention was to work 3 days a week. That was a bit of a challenge. I had more work than I could handle and I still worked 5 days a week. I knew something had to change. I needed a coach and Jeanet was the right one for me.

Together we created a different business businessmodel which made it possible I could help more people in less time. Now I work 3 days a week, and my income has doubled. I feel more free than ever. I am real freedom entrepreneur. Working with Jeanet was the best decision I could make. Thank you for everything, Jeanet!

Yvonne Lagewaard – Pas | Dreambrand Netherlands

Book the VIP Coaching Experience and get going!

"Flying Horse ..."


“You have submitted the energy of a flying hores … Thanks! This was a great lesson in learning to fly to what ever place feels the right place, right money, right clients and the right self!”

Gudrun Otten | Holistic Life Story Mentoring

"Published my book ..."

As a former Freedom Entrepreneur Cruiser, I can only say…don’t hesitate and take that chance!

Crossing the ocean in May 2017 was fantastic. I loved the dolphins and the quietness. While crossing the blue sea I was making plans for writing a book.

During the private 1:1 sessions on the ocean Jeanet opened my eyes and made me consider to write a book about my knowledge and experience on leadership and team development. I first declared her for foolish but she made me look towards it in a different way…

I launched my bestselling book “Leiders van betekenis” in November 2019, exactly 2,5 years after I took off for the Atlantic crossing in Antigua.

Petra Otten
Managing partner inTouch HRM