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Think back to a time in your past when something interested you, you liked the idea, you thought about it but you just didn’t act. The reason you didn’t act is because you were UNCERTAIN of the outcome. You liked it but you weren’t sure you could afford it or it would do what you needed it to do. Specifically, you were not sure you’d get the result you wanted, right? Now, contrast this with when you are certain about something, it’s easy for you to act, isn’t it?

I know enough: I want to join TCP and transform my life

Jeanet Bathoorn’s story

As an entrepreneur I too have my struggles. It seems that the more success I have, the bigger the struggles become. Maybe the scale is different or maybe my brain is playing tricks on me.

I discovered last year, after joining Jim Fortin’s program TCP that my brain was not well trained. It was like racing in a Formule-1 car if you just started to ride a bike. The brain is so powerful, I found that out with hypnotic sessions (yeah, me) and real good live coaching calls by Jim and the team.

TCP is a deep dive into yourself. You are drawn into the program by Jim and his team. If you keep a close eye on HOW he does that, HOW he engages you from the beginning to the end, that alone is AMAZING!

Raw and Real Story

In 2108 and 2019 I followed my entrepreneurial dream. Going international ánd organizing a business cruise for 100 international online entrepreneurs. I wished someone had warned for this combination. During the year leading to the business cruise I had several black outs. People admired me for my courage, but I felt so overwhelmed. I felt so overwhelmed that I completely stopped. Stopped doing marketing, doing interviews, I postponed my own podcast.

Thanks to TCP I got a grip on my life again. Just in time to accomplish the business cruise with 30 entrepreneurs. We had an amazing, jaw dropping trip, intensive masterminds and an experience we will never forget. It’s now up to me to pay off my debts (real story) and to wait for the next adventures in the future. Thanks to TCP and Jim Fortin I now know that “Everything has been, is and will be okay“.

And the good news: in 2020 I wrote TWO new books and created 129 podcast episodes so far. I found my mojo back.

What is TCP?

TCP is a 14-Week self-transformational coaching program by Jim Fortin that will “free you from yourself.” This program is not about helping you get “a little more, a little better and a little different in life.” This program is designed to literally transform your life and it’s designed to create an absolutely new life for you.

Included are:

  • 14 Coaching calls with hot seats
  • 14 Facebook Lives
  • Weekly Transformational Homework
  • Downloads to all call recordings in video and audio format (listen w/o internet)
  • Private Facebook Group Community

Bonus added:

  • Jim’s complete Mental Mastery Training


  • Coaching calls are 90 minutes on Tuesdays at 3 PM CST via Zoom 
  • Facebook Lives are every Friday at 3 PM CST (Providing additional support)
  • Weekly Transformational homework
  • Replays (Video and audio) are uploaded immediately


Jim is just a Texas boy turned millionaire. During his coaching calls he keeps on using old Texas farm metaphors:

  • You can only ride on one horse at the same time, or …
  • Get back on the horse again (after a set back)

I so recognize that, being a Dutch country girl and growing up with horses, chicken and home grown vegetables.

Just read his about-page if you want to know about this master of sales, NLP expert, shaman apprentice. Or even better: listen to his podcasts. That’s how I discovered him.

As an NLP Master myself I love his approach. Using brain based transformation, science and ancient wisdom. During the TCP program he reveals many of his business secrets.

Check out all this free material. Podcasts, video-series and so much more.
Jim always says: “Make sure that your free content is better than someone else’s paid content“. His is. For sure.
The Jim Fortin Podcast. Jim Fortin is widely considered as the leader in subconscious transformation.

He has coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years and in this podcast you’re going to start learning how to transform your life from the inside out.

►  Listen here to the first episode.

Be Do Have Series a 3-Part Live Video Training.

In this training, you’re going to start learning how to change your core level, subconscious thinking so you can get started living the life of your dreams. Better health, more money, better relationships, and overall a better life can all be yours when you learn to transform your thinking. ► Click here to start listening.

Discover why “doing more” is preventing you from transforming your life and what you should be doing instead.

FREE audio experience + PDF shows you why you constantly fall back into your old patterns and how to truly transform your life for good. ► Claim your ‘Stop Doing Things’ training here. 

A 2-part video-training: Transform Your Thinking and Transform Your Life With The Master Thought Formula!

This formula is the screen saver on my phone. That’s how powerful this formula is. 

Claim the Master Thought Formula here


Because we all benefit in our own ways, I advice you to read these:
TCP has shown me how to enjoy myself and my life. Sabine Lüders (Germany)

Childcare, Bim Bam Boo

TCP is by far the best online training I ever purchased. In fact, it is the first training that I completely finished. Corien Oenema (The Netherlands)

CEO Coobly

The Transformational Coaching Program gave me the guidance I needed to build the life I desired and beyond! Gregg Frank (USA)

Health Coach & IT Manager

The Transformational Coaching Program gave me the specific tools I need to help me create the life I want. ☺️ Della Menechella (USA)

Coach, Spiritual Success Rx

I feel great. I do less and BE more. Attract more: more customers, more money, more happy, more freedom. TCP is a no brainer. Anja Zerrouk (The Netherlands)

Life Coach & Quantum Physics Coach

BONUS from Jeanet Bathoorn

As a big TCP fan I know what a ride it can be. The videos, the homework, the coaching calls in the evenings (in Europe).

Therefore I grant 2 bonuses:

  1. Extra monthly multi-lingual TCP coaching calls. You can ask questions and clarification in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. I will answer in English. If you are like many Europeans, the American-English is sometimes harder to understand. I will make sure you will understand it all. In total I offer 3 coaching calls during the duration of TCP and 1 shortly afterwards.
  2. Access to my own Money Mindset training in which you discover your own Sacred Money Archetype™️ and how to apply your archetype in your sales strategy. As a result of this training your sales will increase while you feel at ease selling your products.
  3. DUTCHIES only: Access to 3-months of my Roadmap coaching program. Weekly coaching calls and accountability. You will get access to the group and will be surrounded by Dutchies who understand you.