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About Jeanet

Jeanet Bathoorn is a bestselling author of 6 books, international speaker and trainer and a no-nonsense business coach. She is a certified NLP Master Coach and a certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach. 

She started the Freedom Entrepreneur Movement a couple of years ago after having dealt with a total lack of freedom in her business and private. 

She is a multiple six-figures entrepreneur since 2005.

She already coached thousands of entrepreneurs finding their own unique path to freedom.   

This is why I created the Freedom Entrepreneur brand. For you! So that you can also pursue your dreams!

If you are anything like me your life is filled with a burning ambition for your business, your family, your children and yourself. In my coaching I focus on freedom so that my students can build the life they want and need. 



Jeanet Bathoorn
Transformational Business Coach & Your Freedom Guide

"A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free".


“The Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise of Jeanet Bathoorn is exactly what is says:
Freedom, Cruising and Entrepreneurship. A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free.”

Lou Niestadt | Wild and Free Society

"It was magical".


“I loved the Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise!  After this trip, I had new friends, new insights and so many beautiful memories. It was unforgettable … it was MAGICAL!”

Kiki van der Harst | Ki-ki Resilience

"Combination of Work & Travel stole my Heart."


“During the cruise and with the coaching of Jeanet Bathoorn, I really learned to think big and not working in your business but on your business. The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise is amazing!”

Esther Vree | Your Social Eye