Everything is visual …

By now it is clear. We, homo sapiens, are a visual species. We want to see things, and preferably as easy as possible. That’s why we add an image of video to every piece of content we post. Right now we can list at least 10 possible visual content possibilities:

  1. Photographs (please, use your own)
  2. Graphs (make it easy for me)
  3. Flow Charts (we love a step-by-step system)
  4. Illustrations (love a well drawn illustration)
  5. Memes (rule the world right now)
  6. GIFs (easy to create one for yourself)
  7. Videos (the biggest must for now)
  8. Screenshots (especially in tutorials)
  9. Infographics (yes please!)
  10. Presentation slides (for your webinars and masterclasses).

There are enough studies out there that emphasize the importance of visual content. In this article I just want to show you some nice and easy to use tools to create compelling content.

The next list contains my favorite tools. Have fun!


At this moment Canva is by far the most popular tool in my toolbox. Easy to use, affordable, a lot of options and innovative.


Keep Calm
You must have seen them, the Keep Calm images. Now you can design you own. The Keep Calm site also offers other opportunities to create easy quotes.


One of the easiest tools to use to create a quote. Nothing fancy. After creating it is very easy to send your quote to Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.


Adobe Spark
Use Adobe Spark on your phone. This app lets you create videos in only seconds. You can use their templates for storytelling, pitching, sales and more.


A refreshing site, to be used on your desktop. Loads of images, filters, text. They already prepared thousands of quotes for you.


Design Wizard
A new kid on the block. Biggest advantage is that you can edit your photos and videos in the same platform.


Create your own Delft Blue tile
Just a fun site to create your own Delft Blue tile. As a real Dutchie I had to add this one to the list.


At this moment still the best and easiest photo editing app there is. You can play around with soft focus, filters, centered focus, black and white and so much more.


Glorify App
An-easy-to-create image builder. It seems to have amazing opportunities to build great images for your social media. If you are comfortable to work with layers, this is a great choice.


Place It
The easiest way to create a mock up picture. Put your logo or your picture on everything. Fun & great for your marketing.

I wish you loads of fun and success with these apps. Please, leave your best tip in the Facebook Group and we might add that to the list as well.