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Work 4 months per year?

Imagine working 4 months per year and having the freedom to spend the time of the other 8 months on the important things in your life. Your family, your education, your hobby, your travels, whatever freedom is for you.

My name is Jeanet Bathoorn and I finally found my freedom. I didn’t stop experimenting and learning during the last 10 years of my entrepreneurship. I built an online business, with freedom and the lifestyle that I needed. My family benefits from my choices. I spend more time at home, and I earn more money.

Every decision I make nowadays has to apply to one rule: “does the outcome bring freedom?”


Online Training “Money Archetypes & Sales”

A program that teaches you to understand more of your clients and of yourself during the selling process. So that you can create a Freedom Business.

Business Coaching

A personal and quick boost for your business. I hold you accountable and responsible for your actions. Packages start with a minimum of 3 months. 

VIP Executive Coaching

A full year for you with me. An enormous step forward in your business, all ignited during this very valuable Mastermind year. VIP day is included. 

About Jeanet Bathoorn

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2005 culminated in being the Freedom Entrepreneur I am now. A bachelor in international marketing couldn’t have prepared me for who I am now. A published bestselling author, an international speaker, certified NLP Master coach, certified Sacred Money Archetype coach and a no-nonsense business coach and organizer of the annual Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise.

"Combination of Work & Travel stole my Heart."


“During the cruise and with the coaching of Jeanet Bathoorn, I really learned to think big and not working in your business but on your business. The Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise is amazing!”

Esther Vree | Your Social Eye

"A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free".


“The Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise of Jeanet Bathoorn is exactly what is says:
Freedom, Cruising and Entrepreneurship. A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free.”

Lou Niestadt | Wild and Free Society

"It was magical".


“I loved the Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise!  After this trip, I had new friends, new insights and so many beautiful memories. It was unforgettable … it was MAGICAL!”

Kiki van der Harst | Ki-ki Resilience

Focus on Freedom

QUIZ: Which Freedom Entrepreneur Type are you?

Take this free quiz to discover your Freedom Entrepreneur Type. it only takes 2 minutes. In my years of working with and educating new Freedom Entrepreneurs I came upon 4 main types of them. Break Free - Freedom Entrepreneur Tech Loving - Freedom Entrepreneur Stay at...

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