Jeanet Bathoorn


Jeanet is thé Dutch Freedom Entrepreneur.

She is a straight forward, no-nonsense business coach for self employed entrepreneurs who make a living out of their knowledge. Experts like authors, speakers, coaches, consultants. 

With her unique framework she guides you to building a thriving online business whilst having more freedom and feeling aligned. 

Let’s talk about you. The reason that you are here is that you might be looking for more freedom in your life, isn’t it?

You have worked so hard to get to the point where you are at now. You wrote a book, recorded podcasts, shot videos, spent hours in trains and cars to deliver your speech or workshop to the clients. You haven’t raised your prices in ages.

You know you are the expert, but something is off. 

You do not achieve the results you want. People with less knowledge and skills take over. You grow your frustration every single day. When COVID-19 hit the world, you knew one thing for sure: you want an online income stream.

Welcome in the world of becoming a freedom entrepreneur.

Focus on Freedom

Work 4 months per year?

What is worth more in your life? Always working until you are too stressed out … or … having a business that supports your deepest wishes?

Imagine working 4 months per year and having the freedom to spend the time of the other 8 months on the important things in your life. Your family, your education, your hobby, your travels, whatever freedom is for you.

My name is Jeanet Bathoorn and I finally found my freedom. I didn’t stop experimenting and learning during the last 10 years of my entrepreneurship. I built an online business, with freedom and the lifestyle that I needed. My family benefits from my choices. I spend more time at home, and I earn more money.

Every decision I make nowadays has to apply to one rule: “does the outcome bring freedom?”


You can work with me if we can consider you to be an expert. You are either an author, speaker, coach, artist or performer, consultant, interim manager. Your business depends upon your knowledge and unique skills. Without you the show doesn’t go on. You aspire an online income stream. Now more than ever. 

About Jeanet Bathoorn

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2005 culminated in being the Freedom Entrepreneur I am now. A bachelor in international marketing couldn’t have prepared me for who I am now. A published bestselling author, an international speaker, certified NLP Master coach, certified Sacred Money Archetype coach and a no-nonsense business coach. I used to be the organizer of the annual Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise.



Jeanet is an excellent coach and great mentor. She delivers more than she promises. She has had a real interest in me as a freedom entrepreneur and chased me when my concentration went down. I can really recommend Jeanet and her programs. She is no nonsense but has a human touch. Hats off to you Jeanet.”

Hans Bouscholte | International (TEDx) speaker, VOLVO Ocean Race Sailor and Worldchampion



Jeanet is a highly respected and well-known business coach in the Netherlands. She is a pioneer in this field and a trailblazer for many (aspiring, female) entrepreneurs. Aside from being spot on in her business analyses, she also is so much fun to work with! A great sense of humor, no-nonsense, down-to-earth and accessible. I love working with Jeanet, I’m grateful for her insights and can highly recommend her coaching.”

Eva Brouwer | TV host & Speaker



“Thank you very much for the Money Mindset workshop in Zürich. I entered the workshop with self doubts and insecurity about me being self-employed as a leadership coach. After the workshop I feel pumped and very clear that I can do it with success. Mind shifted!

Thanks for your input and expert tips, it helped me a lot. You connected my head with my heart!

Simone Koehler – Leadership Coach

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